Our History

Peel Language Development School opened on the 4th of February 2002 and was the first purpose-built facility for early language intervention in Western Australia. The main campus is co-located with Rockingham Lakes Primary School situated in Port Kennedy. The school also has satellite classes co-located at Mandurah, Bungaree and Pinjarra Primary Schools. 

The concept of a 'school within a school' is unique within the educational landscape of Western Australia and breaks new ground for the delivery of specialist programs for children with additional needs. This fostering of close co-operation and collaboration between these school communities provides opportunities for inclusive planning and delivery of this unique concept.

Language Development Schools cater for a population of children who have a significant primary language disorder. This refers to children who have moderate to severe difficulties in learning language that can lead to significant difficulties in acquiring literacy (i.e. learning to read and write).

In 2012, Peel Language Development School further enhanced its scope with the incorporation of the Statewide Speech and Language Outreach Service. The Outreach service model aims to strengthen language expertise available to students and provide greater support to schools and teachers. Support Officers Speech and Language are now employed by Language Development Facilities to deliver outreach services to schools across areas of Western Australia.

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