Language Programs

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At Peel Language Development School (PLDS) we provide specialised language programs within reduced classroom sizes, to address the individual needs of our students. Comprehensive assessments are completed to set individual language goals, monitor progress and assist with whole school planning. Speech Pathologists work collaboratively with specialist staff, classroom Teachers and Education Assistants. All staff participate in ongoing professional learning to ensure they are kept abreast of current research and educational practice. Our primary focus at Peel Language Development School is to develop each student’s language skills to ensure they reach their full potential. Our language programs cater for individual goals that are developed within the six areas of language outlined below.


Relates to the ability to understand the meaning of what is spoken. This includes answering questions and following instructions.


Refers to the meanings of words, vocabulary knowledge and the relationships between words.


Refers to the rules of language which allow a message to be clearly communicated.

Phonological Awareness

Refers to the knowledge of the sound structure of language. It involves the language ability to think about, identify and manipulate sounds and words.

Oral Text

The use of language to tell a story or describe a series of events in a logical sequence.


Refers to the appropriate use of language and communication skills across contexts. It includes the awareness of verbal and nonverbal communication rules.

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