This video will provide you with information on how to complete a referral to PLDS and answer some commonly asked questions about our school.

Peel Language Development School provides specialised, intensive language intervention to students from Kindy to Year One.

Parents/Caregivers, Speech Pathologists, Psychologists or Teachers can initiate a referral for an LDC assessment. The referral application consists of three/four parts:

  • Speech Pathology assessment conducted by a Speech Pathologist – Download a copy of the documentation required;









Peel_LDS Boundary Map

  • Psychometric assessment conducted by a Psychologist (compulsory for PP/Yr 1 applications) or developmental assessment conducted by a Paediatrician (preferred for Kindy applications)
  • Teacher/Carer questionnaire completed by the child’s classroom Teacher (if currently attending school), carer if in day-care and/or Parents.
  • Behaviour Checklist completed by a psychologist in consultation with the Teacher (PP/Yr 1 applications)
  • Download a copy of the documentation required;






Referrals are considered by the Placement Committee at the LDC, which consists of the LDC Principal, the LDC Speech Pathologists and the School Psychologist (the lodgement of a referral doesn’t not guarantee a place). The Placement Committee usually meets early in Term 4 of each year. Parents and referring professionals are notified of the Placement Committee’s decision in mid Term 4.

The closing dates for 2023 (for placement in 2024) are:

Referrals for Pre-Primary and Year 1: Friday 8th September 2023 (Term 3, Week 8)

Referrals for Kindergarten: Wednesday 20th September 2023 (Term 3, Week 10)

Each year the number of available places and the number of children referred vary and is dependent on the numbers of children who exit each year; the number of referrals received for each year level and the number of referrals received for each catchment area. Current LDC students are assessed to determine their eligibility to remain at the centre and then estimates can be made regarding possible places for the following year. This information is usually provided to referring agencies in Term 2. These estimates provide a rough guide on the number of places the Centre may have in each year level for the next school year. Sometimes LDCs are in the position of having many appropriate children referred and may not always be able to place all appropriate referrals. We endeavour to place the highest priority students, though sometimes parents may be offered a place at an alternative site.