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The Words, Grammar & Fun program is regularly updated to align with evidence-based research to improve student outcomes in the areas of semantics and grammar. Both phases of the program continue to be implemented in schools across the Peel, South West and East Kimberley regions with significant positive results.

Schools adopting the program are supported by the PLDS SSLS team, through a combination of professional learning webinars (on demand and live), activity and assessment demonstration videos, and consultation, to assess students, collate and analyse data and conduct rotational intervention groups.

To find out more about this program, please contact our team.

Words, Grammar & Fun


This two phase language program is designed to target the areas of semantics and grammar.


Grades:     Phase 1 – Kindergarten*

                   Phase 2 – Pre-Primary*

*Programs can be extended to higher grade levels according to needs

Term 1


Professional learning for educators

Assessment – All children are assessed by the class Teacher prior to commencing the program.


Term 2 & 3

Intervention – Classes will implement semantics and grammar activities in a rotational group format. These are completed twice per week for 18 weeks (phase 1) or 15 weeks (phase 2).

Term 4


Re-assessment – All children are re-assessed by the classroom Teacher upon completion of each phase of the program.