Early Childhood

The emphasis in the early childhood years is on the development of language, literacy, numeracy, social, emotional and physical well-being and developing and nurturing positive attitudes to learning. At Peel Language Development School we use the WA Curriculum Outline (K – 10) which incorporates the Australian Curriculum as the teaching content used to plan all learning programs for students in our school. In turn, staff have developed pathways in literacy and numeracy. This fosters a whole school approach to learning in these areas.

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These pathways use a variety of programs to support growth and development in literacy and numeracy for example Peggy Lego, Sounds Write and decodable readers. We use a multi sensory approach to learning to allow all children to actively engage in the learning process. Our whole school implementation of the “You Can Do It” program as well as Zones of Regulation fosters a sense of well-being and emotional resilience in all of our students.