About Us - Our School

 Since 2002 Peel Language Development School has been a leader in the development of educational programs for children with language disorders and difficulties. Our school caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 3. As an Independent Public School we set realistic, achievable milestones in the three areas of Quality Teaching and Learning, Quality Partnerships and Quality Resources to ensure your child receives the very best education to help them achieve to their full potential. Our focus reflects the school's motto 'Inspire, Educate, Achieve'. Your child will benefit from our school's wonderful teachers who are specially trained and work within a collaborative model of service. Our Education Assistants work alongside teachers, providing support and we also have the services of Speech Pathologists to plan and implement the specialised program. Parents are valued at our school and we provide lots of opportunities for you to be involved in school life. Together we will work with you and your child so they feel confident to try new things, learn and grow capabilities that will set them up for life. The main campus is co-located with Rockingham Lakes Primary School situated in St Michel Estate in Port Kennedy. The school also has satellite classes at Mandurah Primary School, Pinjarra Primary School and Bungaree Primary School. The concept of a 'school within a school' is unique within the educational landscape of Western Australia and breaks new ground for the delivery of programs for children with language disorders and difficulties. This fostering of co-operation and collaboration between these school communities provides opportunities for integrated and inclusive planning and delivery of a unique program within a friendly school environment. Your child will love being part of whole school activities such as assemblies, sports carnivals and incursions. We are a Teacher Development School (TDS) with oral language being our area of expertise, and are committed to keeping abreast of new technologies and advancements so we can share our expertise, exemplary teaching and resources. At Peel Language Development School, your child will have access to the latest initiatives and understandings in all areas of speech and language impairment.